Thursday, October 1

YAY for Day 1 :)

Goooood morning everyone (or more like good evening/night to many of you ;D )!

Hope you all had a good day?!
I had a good one!! During the day I did really well (but actually I usually do...) and the evening was alright!! I'm content with it.
My jazz class was a little tougher as I expected, but I think this is because of the class the day before, which left me a little sore! But of course I enjoyed it none the less!!
I'm not really looking forward to the upcoming two-week break in my classes (almost all of them) but will do my best to keep moving. ;)

To get to the pictures and I made a few ones just for you!! :D

breakfast (around 8.30am) consisted of muesli (all the way down under all this fruit) soaked a little in h2o, topped with a peach, a kiwi, a handful blueberries and flax.

my bowl once again all mixed up, so you can see everything.

[not my pic!!] lunch (12.30pm) was a tunasteak with white rice and side veggies, that looked a lot like this. but on thursday we always go to a restaurant for lunch and since noone here knows about food bloging let alone ME blogging, I couldn't take a pic, but I'll try my best to post something similar.

p.m. snack (4.30pm) was plain yogurt with a pear, a fig and half a banana (some mashed, some sliced on top) which I ate about an hour and a half before my dance class.

I wasn't hungry at all after my class but had a lot of greens to use up before they've gotten bad. So I mixed up a huge salad for dinner (8.00pm) containing salad greens, a few home grown cherry tomatoes, cauliflower, about 1/6th of an avocado, buffala mozzarella and leftover rosted butternut with onion. Uff... That was a LOT to write but I just love my salad with lots of ingredients, as you can see... :D

I just mixed cottage cheese with salt, paprika and balsamic vinegar as a sauce and topped it with a few chopped up salted nuts (my new obsession on a salad!!)

As a dessert I had pomegranate seeds and an orange slice.

After I started my salad of course I got hungry like an animal, so I took some crackers with Cantadou (something similar to Philadelphia) with the last salted nuts.

But unfortunately my belly was still growling so I ended my dinner (around 9.30pm damn!!) with a few ricecakes with butter and pumpkinseed butter - holy yum!! (Sorry for the bad pic but my lightening is horrible so I used the flash!)

So this is what a day looks like. Normally I don't eat a lunch this big but it works out really well on thursday because of my Jazzgym. class I have.

I hope you enjoyed the pics and won't get tired of my breakfasts and lunches because they are (on weekdays) so similar, but you will see.

Have a good time and until tomorrow!!
Hugs n.


  1. your meals are so colorful! I love it.

  2. Whoah, I swear that before I read your post I skimmed over it and my eyes sang to me: "CooOllOOOrRRR"
    I am so jealous of the beauty of your food, it looks like a tropical rainforest! Haha