Wednesday, October 21 work!

Goooooood morning everyone!!! How are you?!
I'm in a very good mood, and have no idea why!! :D
I'm not questioning it, just enjoying....

Not too much to tell, food was awesome yesterday!
Here we go:

breakfast at work: muesli soaked in water, kiwi, plum, half a banana with a tbsp pb&co chocolate dreams and flax

lunch at work: zucchini, cauliflower, red peper, 1/4 avocado with quinoa and cottage cheese, topped with seeds and nuts

dinner at work: two crakers with 1/4 avocado, salt and paprika with curried cashews and babybel
(and later a few from the soy and ginger peanuts, right back there in the far right corner)
pre-workout a marks&spencer snack well soy raisin bar

once home after dance class I enjoyed a cup ricemilk-cacao

I was so glad to have dance class again!! Ballet went well - I'm a little stiff and my muscul right next to my shin is cramping a lot lately :S !! Don't know what to do, it's nothing big but really disturbing while on barre! Jazz was really fun! We were only four of us and enjoyed the space and attention everyone got!

I think I'll leave you with this.... I'm going to savor my good mood and knowing that I'll be busy at work hence the lots of things I have to do - finally!!

As always, keep strong, enjoy every second you get and make your day a good one!!!

I'm off to dig into my breakfast!! yum!

1000 hugs

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  1. your food is always so colorful! Hope today is going well :)