Sunday, October 11

Days 9 'til 11 - Busy and Blah

Sooooooo sorry for not posting!!! But I just wasn't in the mood....
And to be honest, I really enjoyed to not think about taking pics every second!!
I think I'll start to post from Monday until Friday and just sum the weekends up on Monday.
Hope that's ok with all of you... But why should it not... I assume you all have enough blogs to read and a few posts less wont bother you!! ;)

Alright, Friday I photographed almost everything until dinner because my ex invited me to dinner at his apartement and I didn't wanna be all creepy and take pics even though it was really photogenic (?) and veeeerry yummie!!! I had a few saltet pistachios and chips too much after dinner because I had to keep myself awake ;) but it was a really good evening (aside from the movies we watched - the two newest James Bonds, which I really didn't enjoy...!) and it was sooo much fun to catch up and see him again!! Yay!!

breakfast at work (look at me waving in my tea pot ;D )

lunch: leftover roasted pumpkin/squash/onion dish with yellow peper, cauliflower and cottage cheese sprinkled with nuts and seeds

afternoon snack: peach and (I opened the last packet of) salted nuts

on my way home: had only the yellow plum

the sun greeted me for a few seconds in the forest! ;)

Saturday started with rain..... :$ so I cancelled my run but after a late and big breakfast the rain stopped and I decided to go for the run anyways.... Never. Will. Do. That. Again!!! Running on a full stomach is hell!!! I definitely had too much in my stomache for running and had a difficult time to not get nauseous!! But I did it and after being glad to be home again I just did some ballet moves (have to improve my plies and my turnout, for those who are interested ;) ) and a lot of stretching!! Felt a lot better after.... Had an awesom late lunch (made sweet potato latkes and fresh brussel sprouts for the first time!!) and went to meet with my ex (who I will call F from here on) because I left my DVDs there the night before.... And then went to visit my nieces and stayed there a few hours to plan our upcoming trip to London!!!! I'm sooooooo excited!! I'm just so in love with London!! And can't wait to be there again!! My niece is turning 18 on tuesday and this trip is my gift for her!! We will be there from Friday until Monday!! And we have a lot we wanna do... We're there the second time together and we are much alike so it will be easy to do what we both want!! Oh and we will go and wach "Mayerling" at the Royal Opera House!! My first classical ballet!! Yay!!
Oh and my niece (who I will reffer to as R from here on) baked fresh bread, and even though I'm not a big bread fan, of course I had to try it and have to say it was delicous!!! Had a few slices there... :D

biiiiig bowl of oats, mashed and chopped up banana, pear, two kiwis topped with cranberries, gojiberries, pine nuts and pumpkin- and mixed nutbutter

late lunch: frozen veggies (don't like them but have two packs of them in the freezer to use up) fresh brussel sprouts with awesome sweet potato latkes and ketchup

still a little hungry after the plate above so I had two slices ww bread with philadelphia, red pesto and cucumber

Sunday wasn't really eventful but good nonetheless. Went for my run FIRST and enjoyed the sun a lot!! Came home to be greeted by a big spider at my door!! Thank good I'm not scared of spiders (as you can see in the pics ;) YES that is my hand that the tarantula is eagerly climbing on :D ) so I just took him with a little help from a glas and put him outside!
I did some ballet and stetching before I had a big, late breakfast again. Soon after I went into the kitchen again and made Falafel for myself the first time!!! I had a few SP latkes leftover from Saturday and took them and a few Falafel with me to the cinema - went to watch "The Ugly Truth" which was really good!! After a few other things for lunch/dinner my mom finally called to inform me they arrived home (after a week at our house in France) so of course I jumped in my car and drove to her (which is only a 10-minute drive from me) and spent the rest of the evening there!!

well hello there....

he was reall big... just sitting in my door frame.... not anymore!! :)

sorry for all of you who hate spiders....!!

a few weeks back, my boss and I had the chance to "meet" some tarantulas.
it was a really impressive "event" and I'm glad I did it!!

now that's more what you like, isn't it?! ;) my first home made falafel!! delish!!!

took some latke and falafel with a ketchup-mustard-mix for dipping with me to the cinema

That's all I think.....! Hope you all had a great weekend and even though it's Monday again (I know a lot of you don't like Mondays as much as I do - I just love my workplace so much and am thankful for it every day!!) just try to make this a good week!! ;)


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  1. sounds like you had a good weekend :) that spider is crazy!