Monday, October 5

Day 5 - A Laughable Screw-Up

Like every monday, my day started well - what is ist about mondays lately?!
Woke up pretty early and decided to rather go back to sleep than go for a run because it was so dark outside I honestly was a little scared, I have no idea if my running path is even lit.
Had a not so productive workday - as usual on mondays, nothing new - yummie breakfast, selish lunch and fruty snack.
I decided to go to the cinema - by myself - to watch The Proposal!! WOW!! What a hilarious film!! I think I haven't laught so much in a cinema for ages!! Would definitely see this again and maybe even buy it when it's out!! :))
On my way to the cinema I passed the Subway and since I wasn't in there at least a year I decided to have Subway for dinner - at the cinema :). I arrived early enough to be the onlyone inside and could eat my turkey sub at ease. Brough a little snack too - soy and ginger coatet peanuts and grapes - that I ate after the break (we usually have a break around half-time of the film, which I find very convinient because I usually drink so much during the day, that I have to pee halfway through :$ ).
So far so good..... Sight....
Then I had the glorious idea to step into our organic store to buy a coconut icecream before they wont sell it anymore, but they were already out! :( Of course I had to have someting else so I went to the bakery and since it was farly late (after 8pm) the had a lot of things two for one. So I buyed two 'butterbretzel' and ate half of it on my way home. At home my stomache was growling so I had a little snack but after that I just could not stop!!! It was ridiculous!!
Won't go into detail and of course did not take any pics but there were definitely too much NUTS!! I have to get rid of them for this month!! They tend to lead me to go overboard and I definitely don't need that now!!

So... I'm going to leave yesterday behinde as I can't change it! And at least I have a few cute pics!

on my way to work

what a nice (almost?) full moon

breakfast as usual - muesli, pear, kiwi, flax

lunch - pumpkin/squash/onion, potato-leek-spinach-bacon and two huge shrimps cut up

snack - peach

on my way to the cinema - zurich with mountain view

in the cinema - turkey sub (bad pic)

here's a better one [obviously not mine] I had mine without olives!!

all alone in the cinema :) but as the film started we were about 12 people

snack I packed for nibbling throughout the film

butterbretzel - ate the other one after this

snack before going NUTS!!!

I need to run!!
Have a good day everyone!! And thank you again for all the comments!! I really apreciate each and everyone of them!!!
Love and hug n.


  1. The Proposal is such a good movie! Glad you had a good time, and looks like you had some yummy snacks to enjoy it with :)
    xo Hannah

  2. i haven't seen that movie, but it looks so funny!

    it is beautiful there :)

  3. I can't wait to see The Proposal! It's on my list to see this weekend!

    I really wished we lived closer to each other. You seem like you'd make a really great running buddy ;)