Tuesday, June 22

SoSP 2 - Road Trip

Well hello there everyone!!!

So glad you enjoyed my last post!
I really try to post at least once a week!
I enjoy it so much! But there is always some kind of barrier inside of me!
The more I'll post, the more certain I'll become (once again) with my writing!
And you all help me so much with all your lovely comments!
As always THANK YOU!!

Here we go... Today I'd like to tell you a story... Kidding!
A few weeks ago I got on a little road trip to visit my soon-to-be tattoo artist!
Sadly she works 250 miles from here! But no reason for me to not choose her!
I believe she is perfect for the vision I have for my newest tattoo!

(Oh right there is a new idea for an upcomming post...)
Anyone interested in a post about my tattoos?!

I digress..
What I really want to tell you is what I brought with me!

Of course I prepared a few things so I could eat on the way to save time!
Little did I know that I would have plenty of time to eat because of poor traffic!
I got stuck on the highway for TWO hours!!! :(

So the day before I prepared a famous Breakfast-Cookie for the first time!

the evening before with vega chocolate protein powder - thus the ugly color!

the next morning - all prettied up! :D

with mango and coconut flakes - yum!

Great on-the-go breakfast!

Further I pre-cut lots of veggies and fruit for snacking (and lunch/dinner whatever was needed):

cherry tomatoes, cauliflower, carrots, zucchini, kohlrabi and mango

of course not to forget - lots of ketchup with mustard for dipping

everything (plus two pears) all packed up and ready to go

It was the first beautiful day in a long time! I surely enjoyed it but the two hours of traffic could have been spent better!

happy to be on the way - with beautiful weather (and before the bad traffic!)

I arrived save and sound at my destination, only eating about half of my snacks!
As I stayed there in a hotel for one night - and found some awesome sushi for dinner - I saved the rest for the drive home!

Everything was great for snacking / eating while driving!!
The zucchini was the only thing that was awful the next day!
Totally bitter and blech! Had to toss it, but there wasn't a lot left!

I will definitely make this again!

So... On the side again:
Work: Still lots to do, still enjoying it!

Dance: Feeling pretty good and secure in my dancing for the Performances on Saturday and Sunday! Hope everything will go fine!

Body: Everything is still aching!!! Not a big deal during the day BUT I can't sleep... And that's really annoying!! No more than an hour before I wake up with pain in my shoulders!! So that's really agonizing! Hope with all the anti-inflammation meds I got this will vanish soon!!

Mood: Generally still good... Really tired thus a little snippy! But again... Hopefully this will change soon! And I'm really excited for this upcoming Performance so this keeps me sane! :D

Thanks for reading! ;)
And have a good day everyone!!
It's lunch-time here so I have to go prepare my lunch!


Edit to add: Sorry!! I have no idea why this looks so wacky! Couldn't fix it!! :((

Wednesday, June 16

Starting a 'Series of Short Posts' (SoSP)

Hey there everyone!

I decided to give my motiavtion to post a little boost and start 'small' again! ;)
This means I hopefully will post more often but just small posts, inspired by a certain topic!

To start I'm going with GREEN MONSTERS!!
Or better PURPLE and GREEN Monsters!

1/2 a banana, frozen cherries, milk (and a side of favorite series)

1/2 a frozen banana, lots of spinach, milk (and a side of hot bath)

1/2 a frozen banana, lots of spinach, milk + peanut butter (and a side of growing basil & chives)

1/2 a frozen banana, lots of spinach, milk + peanut butter (with a side of mango and strawberries)

As you can see, I finally jumped on the GM-wagon!!
It quickly became a staple post-dance fuel! And I'm loving it!

On other topics:

Work: Finally tons of work again!! After a long period of doing not so much at work, I really enjoy having tons to do!! My days are filled with fun things to do and I missed this so much!!

Dance: Generally doing fine, but...

Body: My whole body is aching!!! I clearly am on my last leg! :S But our Performance is nearing quickly and I can't just stop! But have to tone it down a little! I know that after this there will be lots and lots of R&R!! Can't wait!

Mood: Generally good... But all this constant muscel ache is slowly but surely getting on my nerves!

So this is it, for today!!
Come back soon for a new part of SoSP! :D
Hope you'll enjoy my short but hopefully cute posts!

Oh and THANK YOU ALL so much for the kind words on my last post!!

Have a good one...! ;)