Wednesday, June 16

Starting a 'Series of Short Posts' (SoSP)

Hey there everyone!

I decided to give my motiavtion to post a little boost and start 'small' again! ;)
This means I hopefully will post more often but just small posts, inspired by a certain topic!

To start I'm going with GREEN MONSTERS!!
Or better PURPLE and GREEN Monsters!

1/2 a banana, frozen cherries, milk (and a side of favorite series)

1/2 a frozen banana, lots of spinach, milk (and a side of hot bath)

1/2 a frozen banana, lots of spinach, milk + peanut butter (and a side of growing basil & chives)

1/2 a frozen banana, lots of spinach, milk + peanut butter (with a side of mango and strawberries)

As you can see, I finally jumped on the GM-wagon!!
It quickly became a staple post-dance fuel! And I'm loving it!

On other topics:

Work: Finally tons of work again!! After a long period of doing not so much at work, I really enjoy having tons to do!! My days are filled with fun things to do and I missed this so much!!

Dance: Generally doing fine, but...

Body: My whole body is aching!!! I clearly am on my last leg! :S But our Performance is nearing quickly and I can't just stop! But have to tone it down a little! I know that after this there will be lots and lots of R&R!! Can't wait!

Mood: Generally good... But all this constant muscel ache is slowly but surely getting on my nerves!

So this is it, for today!!
Come back soon for a new part of SoSP! :D
Hope you'll enjoy my short but hopefully cute posts!

Oh and THANK YOU ALL so much for the kind words on my last post!!

Have a good one...! ;)



  1. Youre baack! Omg arent green monsters just awesome?! I remember seeing them on other blogs and being a smootie??! But no, awesome :)

    Can't wait for your next post in your SoSP, girl!


  2. I love green and purple monsters :)

  3. Purple monsters and so much prettier than green monsters hehe xx

  4. LOVE that picture of the Green Monster with the dirt/wheat grass green plant! So glad you are doing okay!!!

  5. i have yet to make a green monster.. there is a rad juice bar where I grew up.. which had bluberries, kale, pineapple juice, spinache, and hemp protien powder.. i totally loved it!! xx