Wednesday, February 23

Thx Everyone!!

Thank you for coming here!! :)

But I have to admit that I no longer blog...!

Although I always loved blogging and I always will,
I'm just not that confident to continue!!

Feeling awkward about the language, thinking I don't have anything interesting
to blog about... And just being insecure about a lot of things in general was
enough for me to just stop!

I love to read ALL about ALL of you and will probably never stop! :D
And I try to be better in commenting! Because I want you to know how much I care!!

I'll keep this journal up and running, might it just be for me to look back..
How far I've come, how much mistakes I made and even just to reflect!

Thank you all for participating in my journey!!
I still have a long way to go!
But knowing that I'm not alone is the most important thing for me!

I truly appreciate each comment you all left and every word you read!
Keep up the good work! I feel so inspired by all of you!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!
Lots of love and everything you might need...!