Wednesday, October 7

Day 7 - Everything's Fine Again

It's just incredible how fast my mood changes!! I'm acutally a little worried!!
Wednesday went so well that I acutally woke up today feeling so much thinner!! It's ludicrous I know, but as long as I'm feeling good it doesn't matter!! :D

Since I don't have as many food pics as I had the days before (thank god!!) I made some beautiful pics on this incredible fall day - it was way over 25°c (77F)!! And that on a October-Day!!!

Of course I walked home again today - with this awesome weather I needed to take advantage of it!!

Without further ado I present you the picures! ;)

breakfast (that actually is an old pic since I forgott to take a pic!) as usual, muesli, peach, kiwi with flax (no blueberries!)
I know it's a little irresponsible to still eat those "summer fruits" but I just can't leave the store without buying peaches as long as they have some!! I just love them far to much!! and the kiwi is just perfect because it filles my belly for a long time!! and I will be eating pears and apples and stuff all winter long so.... I try to not feel guilty!!

lunch (for the last time LOL) potato-leek-spinache-bacon, pumpkin-squash-onion topped with some red peppers and the last shrimp! it was a little funny smelling as I took it out from the fridge but tasted as good as before!! yay!

this is my view from my desk!! what a wonderful day!! I actually still can't believe it was this warm yesterday!!!
and this my fellow readers is where we ate our lunch (assumedly for the last time this year!)!!
this summer was perfect to eat outside a lot!! I'm so happy we have this opportunity here!!
snack befor my walk home: a peach and a kiwi with some sprite zero

and here we have some landscape on my way home (this acutally is a cemetery!)

and here you can see the city I live from the path I walk as much as I can! ;)

dinner, iceberg salad with cucumber and cherry tomatoes, a dressing with cottage cheese and a little balsamic vinegar and of course herbed salt and paprika - two slices ww bread one with philadelphia and red peppers, one with philadelphia and red pesto *yum*

This is it!! I'm happy about my day and will do my best to continue like this!!

Have a good day everyone!!
Hug n.


  1. i'm glad you had a good day! Great weather always helps keep me in a good mood :)

    those views are beautiful!

  2. You and your colorful foods! ;)
    You are a delight, dear.

    What gorgeous views!
    Keep positive

    <3 Karina

    ps. you don't like cheese?? :O
    I am a cheese maniac, hehe

  3. your food looks so yummy! :) and beautiful scenery pictures.. I love it when I can see a big city while I am walking on a beautiful country side.
    I get that too, where my mood changes quickly :( frusterating..