Saturday, October 24

Boring Friday

Hello weekend!!

I have to say that I'm really content with this week!! Even with my London-Trip now I had time to think about it a little!! I let myself eat whatever I wanted and for that I did really well!! Acutally can't even believe how good I did!

I believe this is progress, isn't it?! I hope I can continue like this, to be happy with what I do and not be feed up by little slip ups!!
Hope you all had a good week to..?!
Lately I've been thinking about what I want to do with this blog... I started it just to keep track on everything and to open my eyes about my eating habbits!! And I definitely want to continue with this... And since I'm a lot more comfortable with writing in englisch, I might even start to elaborate a few topics that might be a little more interesting for you all!!
I'm going to think about all of this and let you know!! ;)

Right know I'm a little anxious about this upcoming Thursday - my ED appointment! I just have no idea what to tell her!! Where to start and.... Of course now I doubt if this was a good idea!! I know it is - but as I wrote earlier I still have that damn loud voice in me that tells me, that I'm not "sick enough" not even sick at all to be honest!
But I need to just let that go!! See what happens on Thursday and than go from there....!
Maybe some of you would like to share your first experience...?! This may help me a little!!

Know to the good stuff.... :D My eats as of yesterday:

breakfast again an ugly mess :D but soooo good!!! this time with apple instead of pear - so much better!!
I'm happy that I start loving apples agian, because after eating mostly apples for a long time,
I just had enough of them! but I'm happy they are back in my life!!

lunch: quinoa, zucchini, yellow pepper, cauliflower, grape tomatoes, a few bacon cubes
topped with cottage cheese, 1/4 avocado and a little of the seeds and nuts-mix
also had a few chocolate thins for dessert (like the day before)

around 2pm I broke into my snack
half of my first cocoa loco nakd bar - not a big fan!
since I'm a huge chocolate fan, this was just not chocolaty (sp?) enough for me!
but it had a nice apple juice taste!

at 3.30pm I finished off my nakd bar with a huuuuuuge pear (not too ripe, so much better!)

was invited to stay for dinner at my moms - always good! :)
veggie-soup with a splash of milk (this times two)
on the side a slice ww bread with a little butter, mustard and salami
(had another half slice later with only butter and mustard)
aaannnd I even had a little alcohol!! that's really rare for me, since I'm not a big fan!
a small glass white wine with cassis liquor - not bad

once I came home and catched up on my tv shows (I just have too much to watch this fall!!)
I got a little hungry around 9.30pm so I had a little late-night-snack
three dates with ~1tbsp peanut butter, mango-apple sauce with ~1tbsp almond butter
and a small mug skim milk

That's all for friday! I'm looking forward in catching up with all of your blogs and now I'm off to get my laundry out of my dryer and fold it, before my mom comes and picks me up for some nice mother-daughter day! Yay!!
Have a nice weekend you all, enjoy every second and only do what you really want to do!!!

Lots of love


  1. Wishing you strength for your appointment. ED's are mental illnesses, so the fact that you are having a ED voice tell you you aren't 'sick enough' is proof that you do need to go! Your meals looked soooo good today! Let me know how it goes on Thurs. My experience went like this: my parents called the police on me, went to court (without my knowledge) took away my rights, police stormed into my room @ 7am and drove me to the hospital. I still am not over this, and every since my relationship with my parent's ahs disintegrated even more. I was honestly traumatized. 2 month in hospital- with NO support. You are brave, and doing the right thing!!

  2. Congrats on the progress! And I think it really will alway be a PROCESS (2 P words!). We just have to always try to listen to our bodies...not out brains, and treat ourselves with kindness.

    Goodluck with the appointment! Beautiful food!! :D

  3. Congratulations on your progress, Nic! It makes me so happy to hear that you are starting to listen to your body. I am trying to get more in tune with my body again. my nutritionist wants to me to focus more on using an exchange system, and I think that is more "in tune" than calorie counting.
    Maybe I will go for it?
    I wish you a lot of luck with your ED appt. And I totally agree with ProteinGirl.. "ED's are mental illnesses, so the fact that you are having a ED voice tell you you aren't 'sick enough' is proof that you do need to go! "
    PERFECT! ^^^^^

    All your eats look beautiful, beautiful! Especially that breakfast. Lets get together and have a breakfast party with the other bloggers, yeah? :D