Tuesday, October 27

Bottomless Pit

Wonderful morning to everyone!
My morning begun with a wonderful blue sky and (a little later) was greeted with sunshine!!
I love mornings like this! And in the fall it's kind of macigal!! ;)

But I need to write about yesterday not today!!
I like Mondays - unlike the majority of humans!
It might have to do with someone named B (who works in my office) and with my ballet-class in the evening to which I look forward all day (do I need to lookout for more B-words?! :D )!! And this Monday was not different!!
Flirted a little in the early morning - and since we aren't supposed to do that it's a lot more exciting!! :D
And enjoyed a nice breakfast around 8.30am (I usually make my b-fast around 7am and wait until 8-8.30am because otherwise I'm hungry again a little too early and this way my muesli has time to soak!)

about half a cup ww muesli soaked in water - half an apple, a kiwi, about a tbsp pb chocolate dreams topped with flax
(I had to take a pic before mixing it up - this way it looks soo much nicer!!)

The morning went by fast even though I don't have much to do at the moment! But I had enough time to catch up with all your lovely blogs (since I hadn't had time on sunday) and enjoyed all of your posts!! That is another reason why I looove Mondays!! ;D

lunch: approx. 1/4 cup quinoa, yellow pepper, zucchini, cauliflower
added cherry tomatoes after I took the pic and mixted in cottage cheese and topped it as usual with a seeds and nuts-mix

kind of dessert an hour after lunch - granola bar

An uneventful afternoon later I approached 4pm and had my early kind of dinner befor my ballet class at 5.20pm:

two ww cracker with a tartar (something like philadelphia) and chicken
on the side a babybell and for dessert a dark chocolate covered granola bar - which is awesome by the way!! sadly it has too much bad ingedients!

After an exhausting but awesome ballet class I came home craving someting salty:

I just prepared myself a little quick (instant) soup and had milk on the side
I had another mug later with chocolate

After my ballet class earlier I asked my teacher what she thought about me starting to dance "en pointe" and as awesome as she is, she just gave me some pointe shoes to try on and told me that she is absolutely sure that I would do great and that my feet would be strong enough and to say it (kind of) in her words "it would be fun!"
You can't imagine how excited I was!!!! So after I showered I just had to try them on!!
And surprisingly they fit perfectly!!! She forgot to give me the pattings for them but since I plan on buying a pair of my own for my birthday (coming up soon on the 11/08) I did not care!

sorry for the overload on pics, but I just couldn't get enough!! ;D
I probably didn't do it right, but I just wanted to know how it feels like to stand 'en pointe' (of corse I hold on to my barre)
and it was unbelievable!! I can't wait to start practice in them!!

I have no idea why but I was craving sweet and salty really bad so I had a (not so little) snack
count this times two or even three!!
sporting the point-shoes!! yay!!!
Of course I had to think about Jee from to dance among the stars... the whole time!!! :D

I will stop now, I'm a little dissapointet at how much I ate after "dinner" but that was yesterday and know I try to do better today!!
Hope all of you had a wonderful Monday - or even an OK one!! ;)
Wish you a joyful and sunny Tuesday!!!

Lots of hugs and positiv energy to all of you!!


  1. AHHHHHHHHH getting to go en pointe is like....... hmm, passing a huge exam? getting a new car? getting a raise?! HUGE excitement!! so so cool lady!!

    I LOVE THE PICS! I SAY MORE MORE MORE! I miss ballet! It was so fun.....esp. with the crazy Russians!!

  2. Hey hun, so glad to hear you had a great monday! Omg seeing your ballet shoes makes me really wanna take up ballet! They're so pretty and magical-looking (like "The Nutcraker", haha).

    Congrats on being able to do "en pointe"! : D

    Have a great one, much love,

  3. THAT IS HUGE! GAH :D I am so happy that you are en pointe now. That is a ginormous achievement in the ballet world.
    Love you!