Friday, October 23


Well hello there lovelies!!!

Yesterday was kind of a fun day. Don't know why exactely... It just was!!

First I need to tell you that I made kind of a big change in my eating habbits to finally beat my night-binging!! :D

Last week while talking to my friend about this problem, I came up with the idea that it might be best to start not eating too late! And since I have dance practice three out of the five days, I might try to just eat a little more pre-workout and just stick to liquid while home! I usually am not hungry after danceclass at all and just eat because I think "I have to" - but I'm stopping with this right now!! Usually I'm home between 7.30pm and 8.00pm and don't even like eating this late!!

So I tried this now on Wednesday and Thursday and it went really well!

Acutally I'm really happy with this, because I don't even thought about "eating this, eating that"... And to end a day with a nice (hot or) cold milk (rice or cow) with a little cacao or not just is perfect!!

So here we go.... With more " work" pictures.... Since I ate all my meals at work or on the way from work to practice!!

breakfast same as yesterday - looks kind of blech but I tell you it was divine!!
this dark chocolate dreams is awesome!!
I only wish I could get this here!!! thank god I bought three jars (of which one is half empty by now)!!

morning snack times two (and a few of my ginger and soy coated p-nuts)

lunch was also the same as yesterday - minus the avocado - added a few curry cashews

dessert three super thin lindt chocolate squares (one 70% dark and two orange chocolate) holy yum!

my dinner: two crackers with 1/4 avocado sprinkled with herbed salt and paprika
one pear with curry cashews

had the eat natural (blueberries pistachios and a yoghurt coating) bar
and the babybel on my way to the bus (I was running out of time!)
the bar was ok - wasn't a big fan of the yoghurt coating

once home I had a mug of skim milk and of course I did go back
and had half a mug with some cacao added
just perfect!!

I know that many of you probably think that this is a bad idea, but I eat enough calories (approx. 1500-1800) and it's only three days a week! So I hope you don't judge me about this because I think this might work wonder for me!! And maybe I'll be able to loose the few pounds that I piled on over the last few month slowly but surely!! I really want to wear my favorite clothes this winter and especally next spring/summer!!

So... Wish me luck!! I definitely feel good and strong!!

Btw dance on Wednesday and Yesterday was awesome!! I can't believe I had a two week break!! I feel every muscul in my body.... But I enjoyed every second!! Can't wait for my ballet-class on Monday!! And especially can't wait until the day I wont be like "I could be so much quicker, better, more flexible if I only finally lost those pounds"!!! I love dancing, and I could swear that the mirrors in the studio make me look smaller than I really am, but I'm glad they do... Otherwise I might not be dancing at this weight!! But this will be my least problem in a few month!! Yay!!

Anyways have a good day and as always.... Make it a marvelous one!!!



  1. hey lovie :)
    i love you, okay just had to tell you that, and that you are amazing! and i hope you know it!

    omg LOVE those eat natural bars, they don't sell them in the US, but i did a swap with a girl from the UK in the winter last year and oooh man those are soo good, didnt have that flavor, but that sounds amazing, love pistachio any thing! ;)

  2. hey hun,
    i think that as long as you're happy, and youre eating enough, its a great plan! I try not to eat late myself (i just dont like to) so i definately feel ya : )

    all your work foods look exactly like how mine look! people walk by and look at mine and say "eww that looks wierd/messy" but they dont even know how good it tastes!!!

    take care darlin,