Sunday, October 25

Nice Weekend - Kind Of

Here we are again....! :)
I hope all of you had a good weekend!!! Mine was nice - a lot of mother-daughter time, but also a little emotionally draining. No big deal! I have to keep in mind that having ONE bad day is already sooooo much better than a few weeks ago when I had a whole bunch of bad days!! So YAY!!

I forgott to mention that I went to a snowboard store on friday where all the last season stuff was on sale and finally got myself a new binding for my snowboard!! I'm so happy!! I purchased a pair of new boots last winter but since I only started snowboarding again after about five years, I just didn't want to spend too much money in case I would not enjoy it! But I did, a lot and I'm eager to spend a lot of time on the board this winter!!!
I also got myself a pair of gloves and a new pair of jeans!! All about 40-60% off!!! What a catch!

On to saturday, which started pretty late for me - what a nice surprise!! I slept until 8.30pm and headed direclty to my laundry room to do my laundry. After I put my two loads into the dryer I went to the store to buy a few additionals for my breakfast - around 10pm. So this was a fairly late breakfast!!

I tried pumpkin oats for the first time! And to be honest, it didn't do anything for me!!
Sorry.... For all of you who love it, but.... I don't know! I just wasn't satisfied with the taste! :(
So I topped it with a bunch of things :)
almond and pumkinseed butter, pinenuts, cranberries, goji berries and banana
it was ok.

After finishing laundry my mom picked me up and we went to water a friends plants and do some grocery shopping for our lunch/dinner. Once we came home (my mom's) we had a little snack (an unpictured huge seedy cracker) and we went for a long walk and had a really good talk!! :)
Back home we started to prepare for dinner, which I was excited for!! My mom invited Udo (a lodger who lives in my old room ;D ) to join us for dinner - he's a hottie!! :D So I snapped a pic before he came up (and told my mom about me blogging, which was fun).

Whole wheat pasta, veggies (red and yellow peppers, broccoli, onion and champignons)
and a nice pork chop (have about 1/3 to Udo!)
Of course I had seconds (except the meat)!

Look at this funny little kind of fruits this plant makes!! Little hearts!! So cute!!

The day went by fast and soon enough I was back home, huddled up on my couch, watching tv shows! And having an (unpictured) evening snack.

Sunday I woke up normal arounb 7.30pm and went from bed straigt to my couch! After making tea and drinking a cup, I decided on a run before the weather turns and had a few bites from this awesome bar I brought from London!

My run (the first one since London) was a good one!! My legs where a little tired but they just need to adjust to running first, since I only started a few weeks ago! I was pretty happy and at some point I even managed to run 0.6 miles in one go!! YAY!! (I know for some of you this is like nothing, but I couldn't manage to run for more than a few minutes so far withough breathing like a horse!!)
Once home I was ready for breakfast!!

my weekend-standart banana overnight oats with apple compote
topped with pine nuts, cranberries, goji berries, peanut and pumkinseed butter and banana

since I was still hungry after my bowl, I decided to add a few ricecakes (five in total) with some London-bought Lemon Curd, Almond Butter, a few slices chicken and a babybel

At 12.30pm my mom picked me up and we went to my sisters, where we spend the day catching up, playing with my four and a half year old nephew, taking a (slooooow) walk and eating dinner!

(this is not my pic!!! stole it from google!)
I had two small bowls tomato risotto with salad on the side
and some (unpictured) biscuits that where layind around and screaming my name!

Coming home around 7pm I was hungry again (what's wrong?!), so I had a few more ricecakes like breakfast #2 and after that I indulged in some late night snacks!! Was soooo stuffed and once again, knew why I hated eating this late and this much!!! HAVE TO STOP DOING THIS!!!! Went to sleep and trying to forget about it!!

And here we are... New week, new luck!!! I'm looking forward to my ballet class this evening and hope this week will be as good as last one was, or even better!! Even though it will be a little on the stressed side, but you well hear about this when it happens!! ;)

Have a wonderful Monday everyone!!!
And thank you sooooo much for sharing and commentin on my last post!!!
Love each and everyone of you for it!!!!

Hugs and kisses


  1. sounds like it was a good weekend :) I like pumpkin oatmeal but ONLY if I add TONS of cinnamon :)

  2. Hello there to another Nicole :) Tomato risotto sounds sooooo good!