Monday, October 19

11 pounds heavier... suitcase not me!!! ;) :D

I'm back.... :( Could have stayed there a little (lot) longer! But... I'm back and that has it's advantage too.
I wont bore you with too much words, it was awesome - as usual!! I had lots of new things to eat, discovered a few new places, spend a little too much money and the most important thing: I had a blast!!

I'll be back soon.... :)

First our tiny, cozy but really modern apartment:

bed (for both of us, thank god we have no problem sleeping side by side!!)

cute kitchen with everything you need, big tv with dvd-player

it was a littel crammed but since I'm little, it was no problem for me ;)
and the modern dushcabin (with little lights and a rainshowerhead (sp?!))

and here you have the pics all around london:

our apartment was just a few minutes from kensington garden (hyde park) away!!
to get to the whole foods I just had to walk across the small end of the park!
I even did go for a run (from kensigton gardens to hyde park and back) on saturday morning!! It was beautiful!

fall arrived in london too.... (but it was much warmer than in switzerland, which is astonishing!)

little pond...

...with sunchairs


on friday we got to watch the The Royal Ballet dance the Mayerling

everything was beautiful and impressive!!! even though we hadn't had a perfecte place (but for only 9pounds it was good!) we enjoyed the entire three hours!

some church on our street

the mandatory pic with a london bus ;)

colorful houses

what is that thing doing up there?!

on sunday we visited the Hamton Court Palace whit its huge Gardens

some details at the entrance

we got "lost" in a maze

but found the center (and exit) of the maze!!! thanks to R!! ;)

some ducks in the park

the big "hat"-trees (with R standing unter it)

more hats! they are just awesome!!

little me



just beautiful..... with the fountain in the middle

tiny bushes along the path

beautiful archway


more gardens


we even got to meet King Henry VIII and his fifth wife on there wedding day!!! :D

it was breathtaking!

lots and lots of chimneys



squirrel in Kensington park


and here we are on our fly back home.... :(

last Thames sighting

before we reached the sea and with it France

sunset over the clouds

and since this is a food blog, I wont leave you without have few goods:

(a blurry) me waiting for my mixed falafel pita with aubergines and potatoes

my beautiful niece with her (huuuuge) fish and chips

suuuuuuushi!!! of course we had to have sushi!! one california, one salmon/avocado roll.

on saturday we found a farmers marked with lots of yummie things!!

like grape tomatoes

and beautiful flowers

one of the many wraps (me) and sandwiches (R) I did for us
wrap: turkey, baby leaf salad, tomatoe, hummus, onion and garlic cream cheese
sandwich: turkey, cheese slices, baby leaf salad, butter, onion and garlic cream cheese

a vegi stir-fry with the farmers market organic vegies and later added three organic eggs

we found FroYo!!!! I still can't believe how awesome this is!! And we don't have it here!! :(
I had the first one (not pictures) with blueberries and cookies and the second one (two days later) with blueberries and pineapple! Since the topping was a little sparse I crumled some GranolaBar on top! Yum!

and last but definitely not least, my whole foods purchase:

loooooooots of bars (since we don't have them here), pb&co chocolate dreams (sooooo good!!!), yogi tea (we don't have the detox one here), goji berries, hemp seeds, almond butter (all things that either we don't have here or is just so much cheaper there!!) YAY!!!

I know, I know, it's a lot of pictures, but since I was with my niece and her loving of taking fotos of everything, believe me, this is just a little fragment!

Hope you enjoyed it! And most importantly I hope you all had a good time, did good and were happy with what you did!! If not, today is a new one!! Make it a good one!! ;)



  1. oh, I'm so glad you had a good time! all the pictures are beautiful - looks like a good trip :)

    welcome back!

  2. glad you had such a gre time! london is a really exciting city :) i love all your photos.

  3. Gorgeous pictures! You are making me so jealous with WHOLE FOODS! I live in Canada, and I don't have one near me at all! I miss Europe so much! I have lots of family there, but I want to go travel around and enjoy all it has to offer! You are very lucky (and really photogenic!!!)

  4. Beautiful photos! :D

    and yummy food! So glad you had a wonderful time!

  5. These pictures are gorgeous, so exciting, and full of life!
    Looking at them reenergized me, looks like you had a wonderful time, lovie.

  6. Oh, hun, your pictures are STUNNING! It looks so gorgeous, esspecially the outside shots and the ones at the opera.

    Looks like you had an amazing time