Sunday, October 4

Day 3 - Totally Nuts

.... literally!! I had soooo much nuts yesterday!! This should be forbidden! ;)

But to start at the beginning, I have something to confess:
I started running! *blush* I know, that's nothing to be blushing about BUT after a few bad tries the past two years I totally sworn off of it!! And I think all the reading about all of you enjoying it so much, I just decided to try again and start VERY slow!! And.... I think it really works!!
This was the third time now I went jogging and it went really well!! I just tried to really listen to my body and just stop and start whenever I'm ready!! And I enjoyed every second! I wasn't embarrassed to stop and just walk and this might be because the last year all I was doing is walking and enjoying it!! YAY!! I'm so happy!!

After my morning "run" I decided to go to my office and work a little, since I didn't do much the last few days due to lack of motivation and too much blog reading ;)! I totally enjoy the silence of the empty office and since noone is around I can catch up on my tv shows on the side! I love drawing my plans while watching series!! I might have to do that more often but just without my bosses knowing, since I can't just say "You know, I'm not doing my job on weekdays so I come in weekends so I can watch something while working!" I don't think they would be verry thrilled! :S 
But whatever... I had some grapes and nuts to tie me over. I stayed there until 3pm to rush home (after stopping to get some groceries) and make lunch! Thank god I just needed to warm up a packed meal, which by the way was surprisingly good, and had an awesome big salad on the side.
After not doing much at all I started to make dinner (and snuck a few handful of nuts into my mouth while cooking!) - or more like lunch for sunday and a few days next week. I enjoyed a little of it along with some nuts, again. And much later had a night snack - nuts again, fruit and yogurt! But to not longer let you guess how everything looked ;) here are the pics!!!

finally oatmeal again!! since I eat breakfast at work on weekdays oatmeal is out of the question, so I alwasy look forward to my weekends when I finally can enjoy some warming oatmeal! this time with banana (mashed and sliced on top), kiwi, few cranberries and nut butter drizzled over it.

snack at work - as i wrote - grapes and nuts (at least double this amount since I had more grapes on my way home and nuts while cooking)

lunch - a big one - tajine (didn't really know what this is but was surprised about how good the chicken was and the plum sauce was really nice!) with couscous (didn't eat all of it, saved the rest for another time)

and a big salad - mixed cabbage salad with homegrown red and yellow cherry tomatoes, cauliflower and avocado with an cottage cheese balsamic dressing - holy yum!

dinner just a little from the potato-leek-spinace meal I did along with salted nuts and a babybel (the red things are bacon cubes I also mixed in the potato-leek-spinache thing! it adds a lovely taste to it)

and for dessert some papaya, pineapple and mango

and here you have MORE nuts for my night snack (I need to stop snacking this much!!), some spicy nut clusters, plain yogurt mixed with truvia, nut butter and some pinenuts along with a plum

THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH for the comments!!! I read them first thing in the morning today (sunday) and actually teared up a little!! Really thank you!!

@izzy Yep this are pics I took on my way home!! You would love Switzerland - no doubt here! If you ever come here, you're very welcome to stay with me!! ;)

@karina Actually I don't care for pasta either!! But I could not say no to something my nieces did! ;) And since I hadn't had pasta for so long I was totally in awe how good it was, especially the sauce!! WOW!

Have a nice [enter your time of day here]!! ;)
Hug n.

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