Tuesday, October 6

Day 6 - Speechless

... I just don't know what I'm doing wrong!! My intentions are always soooo good, and I started of sooo well! But I just give in too easily...
Trust me... All of you who struggel with wanting to eat more - I'd be glad to give ALL of you a little from my constant desire to eat (in the evening)!! If only it would be this easy!

I have the feeling that I need some major push or something!! I tried some of my fav pants on last night, to discover (with no surprise) that they still don't fit - not even close!!
Now I just thrown them into the bathroom so I always see them, and my goal is to try them on everytime I struggle with wanting to eat a little more (of couse without being hungry anymore!) and brushing my teeth right after I ate!! This hopefully should do it!

I just can't take it anymore!!! It's not so much the "feeling-fat" thing, it's more that I want to wear all my clothes again!! I love them and I HATE shopping!! Especially for bigger clothes!!

So.... Enough rambling... Here you have the pics.... Of course not everything - again - as I didn't photograph the things I ate after dinner (nothing major - thank god - but about a small yogurt with truvia and nutbutter, two dates with almondbutter and a babybel)!

But I had a nice walk home - about an hour - after work (when everything was still OK) even though it rained a little but as I was mostly in the forest I did not mind. And it was my washday so I had a little butt-workout! ;) Since I live in the 3rd floor and have to climb up and down the stairs for at least four times! I also practiced a little ballet (especially piruettes) and our jazzchoreographie (this time we dance to Made from Jamie Scott)! While it wasn't very successful I enjoyed it thorouthly!

On to the pics...

had one and this half butterbretzel for breakfast on the go

with one of this and lots of grapes

lunch same old same old

had the other plum as a work-snack

snack once I got home - last nuts (NOT going to by new ones!!) and double the amount of those onion strips

bought a bunch of (almost)overripe bananas for half the price to freeze for banana softserve!! :D

made guacamole with half an avocado, onion, cherrytomatoes, herbed salt and paprika

enjoyed the guacamole on some yummie ww bread, one additional slice with philadelphia and the little one in my soup

made a bland pumpkin soup with a little cream - needs salt!!

and for dessert I had banana softserve (this definitely tastet like something forbidden ;D ) topped with coconut raspels and flakes - along with a peanutbutter muffin I found in the freezer and had to be eaten (had a second one later)

That's all!!

Have a good day everyone or at least try to make it a good one!!!


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  1. Today is a new day! Just take it one moment at a time :)

    are those onion straws like funyuns? Yum.