Wednesday, September 30

Food Blogging

Hey all of you lovely readers!!

Missed me?! Not so much I suppose ;) as I'm not really here a lot!!
BUT.... I try to change this!!

With October 1st I'll try and hopp on the daily Food-Blogging Bandwagon again!!
As my goal for October is to be Crap-Free once again (indulged a little too much on sweets this past few weeks, but thankfully not gained anything...) to kick-start my (mini) weightloss!

So as of tomorrow I'm going to take a pic of every bite before it comes even near my mouth! :)
I think I'm ready again....

But bare with me and my not so interesting foods over the week, as I'm eating two of my main meals at work, it's much of the same! But I always try to make it colorful and pretty!! :)

You will see! I hope you'll enjoy the posts and most importantly, I hope I'll have fun with it!! YAY!!

Oh... And I'm soooooooooo excited for my mid-October London trip!!!! It's way to long since I was there!!!

Whole Foods I'm coming!!!!!

For the first time I'm going to go to a WF, as I didn't know it existed before (the last 100 times is was in London!) so of course I can't wait!!!

Have a lovely day/noon/evening/night everyone!!!

Hug n.


  1. ooh, WF will be so much fun! WE don't have one, so I know I"m missing out on a TON of stuff :)

    hope today is a good one!

  2. Oh, WF, WF! How I wish my WF were closer by!

    Have a fantastic day, and thanks for dropping me that comment.