Friday, April 24

(good starting, bad ending) thursday

hey there.
i'm sorry but i don't have any energy right know to write much.
let's just say yesterday was good. food, mood and especially exercise was great - until i got home. or better until i finished dinner and dessert and once again, just could not stop myself. damn. i just want to ged rid of this "i want/need more"-feeling!! or better i want to know where this is coming from and solve the problem that causes this sh*t!

going right to the good stuff:

breakfast: mymuesli mix soaked in water with half a chopped apple, flax and sprinkled with cinnamon along with my jug of yogi tea

lunch (sorry for the bad pic, we ate at a restaurant and i only got to take one with my crappy cellphone): barbarie duck cross roasted, orange-honey sauce, almond-rice with green beans with bacon (i wasn't really impresst by this meal and did not enjoy it too much :( )

pm snack (pre-workout): spelt crackers

dinner (was awesome!!): lettuce, arugula, cucumber, avocado, plum tomatoes, garlic hummus, sunflower seeds, sesame with just a little balsamic vinegar and soy sauce, along with w/w bread topped with avocado and an egg

it really was THIS good!

dessert: one chopped up banana with chocolate soy cream, (first time trying it and it is really delicious!! maybe too good?!)

after this deliciouse dessert i continued with (but should really have stopped there because it would have been a good end along with a good feeling): meringue topped with choc soy cream and apple sauce, apple sauce with almond butter, rice cakes with (almond) butter, muesli with milk and little choc soy cream, more applesauce and finished with too much cashew nuts, dates (which i really don't do any good to my stomache, apparently :/ ) and coconut flakes.

uff... i really did not wanted to post it all but i thought it would do me good to see how ridiculous it was and how pathetic i am!
to be honest, even if it looks like a lot of food, most of it was just a handful but surely now in my head every spoonful was too much!

so. i'll leave you with the knowledge of how gross i am and hope i can make a happy before-holiday-post tomorrow (i'll just post in the evening and update friday and saturday at once).

so have a great time 'till then and a good start into the weekend.

love (at least i have plenty for you!) from
the swiss-girl

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  1. Nic,

    Sorry I haven't had much time to read or comment lately!

    School, finals, stress = not fun!

    I love your salad combo.. It looks so good. I'm such a sucker for salads with billions of toppings all thrown in. Fun, colorful, yummy.

    And don't feel bad about the extra after dinner. Sometimes we need to splurge.

    Actually the other night I had a sort of "binge" which is not common for me. It was after a night of drinking, and I just didn't give a care in the world. I freaked out the next day, but realized I probably needed all those extra handfuls and handfuls of roasted peanuts for a reason.

    The exact reason.. I'm not sure yet. But it didn't cause the scale to budge even an inch, so my body definitely put that extra fuel to work!