Friday, April 17

thursday and friday

here we go!

thursday i made my breakfast to go to eat it on the train to my class about learning more about my 3d drawing program (i don't remember the exact word for advanced training, i know there is one maybe someone can help me out?!):

(yogurt with 1/2 a mashed banana, almond butter, pine nuts and flax and a coke zero)

we got out for lunch all together (the whole class) and we could just choose between tree dishes from the cart and i choose this:

(ragout with spaetzli and a salad (not pictured) and bread; this actually a picture of the plate after i finished it it was twice as much!!)

i snacked on a few almonds, dried banana and three ricecakes (no picture) on my way back and before my jazzgymnastic class (90min) oh and i walked around for about 50min too throughout the day.

for dinner (i just looooove to make my own salads!!!):

(salad with chips)
and whatnot afterward (not too bad but too much!!!)

today (friday) i had:
breakfast (on the train again):

(yogurt with 1/2 a mashed banana, pine nuts some crushed cookies, chopped up dried fig, cranberries and flax and a coke zero and tea)

lunch was at the same restaurant as yesterday (it was funny trying to take a foto with my mobile so nobody asked questions):

(fish with salt potatoes and spinach, i also had bread)

snacking in the train again on my way home (the apple i had between classes):

(almonds, dried banana, (not pictured) a butterfinger-bar, some crackers)

and from then on it just
went downward. i ate a crap-load of crackers, ricecakes with butter and some chicken, yogurt with crushed cookies in it, dark chocolate and dried fruit. i know it's not bad food but just too much!! i wasn't even hungry!!! so why did i eat?! grrr...

at least i walked almost two hours today!!

and now i'm going to brush my teeth and everything else and take my laptop to bed and enjoy watching a few new episodes of various series (i so watch too much series!!!).

good night everyone!!

love (the last i have right now)

edit: something's wrong with this entry... i can't fix the font size and the colors are also wrong!!! help!!!! i really need to go to sleep... this is driving my crazier than it should!!!

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