Saturday, April 18


today was really good, finally.
i was quite busy in the morning, did all kinds of house work (dusting, vacuuming, cleaning up) even before my breakfast:

(overnight oats, handful granola, half a banana chopped up, almond butter and flax)

after enjoying my saturday ballet-class (from 12.30pm-2pm) i visited some friends at their gymnastics training-weekend and had fun watching them train. ^. ^ and used the time for some stretching.
i got home and immediately had to make myself lunch because i was starving! this is my favorite kind of lunch and i could not wait until it got a little warmer so i finally can enjoy salads again!! yay!

(mixed greens, grape tomatoes, cucumber, sprouts, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, hummus and a chopped up turkey piccata on top with just a little balsamic vinegar and soy sauce drizzled over it all)

isn't this a beautiful sight?! ;)

for dessert i had a delicious fruit-salad (pineapple, grape, kiwi, cantaloupe, apple).

when i finished lunch it was time to do my laundry, did some blog reading, catching up on tv series and just relaxed.

my dinner was rather light because of my late lunch i wasn't too hungry. i discovered that one of my avocados i purchased was really ripe so i just had the whole one for dinner! it was delicious!

(two crackers with half of the avocado, the other half of the avocado, a babybel cheese (had another one later on) and some water along)

(dessert was kefir with half a mashed banana with peanut butter and some cranberries for some color)

now i'm back in front of my laptop, will do a little more blog reading, watching tv series and just relaxing more before going to bed soon (it is 10pm already here).
tomorrow i wanna do a lot of english work, my exam is coming close. so i don't know if i will update tomorrow, but i'll certainly catch up mondays.

have a nice day everyone!!

'swiss-girl' <3

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