Tuesday, April 21

(really good) tuesday

hey there...
i don't have much time, as i'm updating every morning from work (about the day before) and today i'm on a tight schedule, so i have to hurry.
but i had a really good day yesterday. i felt okay overall. walked to work in the morning (approx. 25min) and did a few push-ups throughout the day (love working out at work :) but there are not a lot of things i can do). i planned walking home from work (all the way approx. 7 miles) but my mom picked my up so we took our walk along the river, it was sunny and nice and around 4.5 miles and we had a really good time. i remember feeling happy as i got to bed. yay!

breakfast: mymuesli (soaked in water for half an hour), half an apple with cinnamon, pine nuts and yogi tea

lunch: (bottom pic is from sunday, but so much prettier) left-over potato-leek dish with cottage cheese (not pictured)

p.m. snack: two small pears chopped up with cinnamon and 4 darvida w/w crackers

dinner: a huge salad (lettuce, plum tomatoes, cucumber, kidney beans, peas topped with tofu and sunflower seeds and sesame) i shared with my mom (it was overwhelmingly good!!)

dessert: two of each flavored dried fruit balls (mango and banana-cocos) i purchased earlier. had them for the first time and they are both delicious!!

and to show you how my day began today:

what an amazing sunrise!!

this has to be a sign, that it will be a good day!! let's just hope so!

have a good day!
the swiss-girl

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  1. *Sigh* I'd love to be there enjoying that sunrise with you.

    One - its Switzerland!!!! Forget Philadelphia.

    Two - Our skies have been gloomy and overcast for days.

    And that muesli.. you guys do it right. It hasn't quite caught on in the US but it will. Soo good.

    I tried the Seitenbacher muesli (I think it's German) and loved it to death.