Wednesday, April 15


here we go. my first post about food and excercice *yay*!

as i don't have too much time (my english advanced class starts soon), i'll try to make this short!

starting with breakfast, which i usually eat at work in front of my computer:

(muesli, half an apple sprinkled with cinnamon, pine nuts and flax seeds and 34oz (usually) yogi tea)

no a.m. snack today (or most days actually). 
today i brought myself (from home) the same thing for lunch and dinner because on wednesdays i directly go to my ballet-class (only 30min barre a terre), come back to my office to shower and eat dinner so i can go to my english class at 8pm. will explain this another time.

so here my lunch/dinner (took only one pic):

(eggplant, yellow and red bell pepper, zucchini, onion, garlic with a handful of w/w pasta, sprinkled with a few nuts/seeds)

after this lunch was filling but did not last very long so i had a p.m. (and pre-workout) snack: 

(half an avocado and a granola bar covered with dark chocolate)

i walked to my dance-class (about 40min) and after a very successful ballet-lesson i headed strait back to my office and enjoyed lunch during this post ^. ^ right know i'm munching on a handful of left-over granola to use it up.

but now i really have to hurry. i don't want to be late... again!!

have a really nice day/evening/whatever!!!

ps: i don't know when i get around to posting next time because i'm not at work the next two days. and i'm not sure if i can take pictures from lunch... we will see...!

update: i'm home after an exhausting class. glad it's over. had another farmer granola-bar on my way home and now can't wait to get to bed. nighty night everyone!!

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