Monday, April 20

(a good start for a) monday

good morning everyone!
first of all, thanks for the kind comment! <3

monday was much better. i felt a lot saner, thank got. but monday is usually a good day.
it's my soup/juice day, in which i (kind of) only eat/drink liquidy things. and my body (or especially my mind) knows this by now and i get barely hungry. i like those days! so here we go:

breakfast: yogurt with half a mashed banana, almond butter, pine nuts and flax

i only could manage to eat half of it for breakfast and saved the other half for later.
it hold me over very well and for lunch i tried two new kinds of flavored organic quick soup: 

lunch: one packed spring-flavor and one potato (tossed in 400ml hot water)

it was quite good. the spring-flavor had a few pasta pieces along with veggie chunks in it and the potato one was very creamy. it worked superb together.

a few hours later i was getting a little hungry so i had the other half of my breakfast (should have put it in the fridge, but thank god it's not hot jet, otherwise it might have gone bad).

once i got home i discovered that my previously home-made kohlrabi-soup was no longer enjoyable, so i had to make jet another instant soup. i chose potato a la provencale, which had a lot of veggies (particular zucchini) in it and was great!
dinner: two bowls of soup with a total of three w/w crackers and some flavored cottage cheese.

since my monday ballet-class is on hiatus i decided to take an additional jazzgymnastics-class. 85min of pure sweating :) was great and as soon as i got home and was showered i hit the cushion.

i wish you all a nice day!!



  1. Pinenuts.

    I've only ever had them in pesto.. but they have an awesome flavor.

    Too bad they're probably the most expensive nut on the market. All the more reason to savor them!


  2. hey there,
    i just found your blog!!! i'm from germany!! i was so excited to see all these german/swiss products on your side. welcome to the blogworld