Monday, May 4

(kind of happy and ready) monday 05/04

i'm back :)

after a really great week in which i enjoyed good company, cooked well and was quite good to myself, i'm return to the blog-world with a huuuuuuuge amount of blogs to catch up...! actually i looked forward to reading all your posts again!!

i left my camera in my mothers car, so no pics 'till i got it back. or at least no new pics. i have a lot of pics from last week. nature was overwhelmingly beautiful and i took tons of pictures from flowers and all the trees and bushes around our france-house! it was awesome! i will post little by little over the next few day, so you have something to look at ;) !

so... i think my posting will start slowly again but i will be back to blogging every (other)day soon.

hope you all had a great week, otherwise i'll read about it ;)

keep up with all your good work and enjoy every moment you have!!

i think that's the main thing i took with me from last week....! live in the moment and enjoy every second you get!!

love from

the swiss-girl


i uploaded a few photos for you. here you see out house! it was the brightest day you could imagine!!

and here you see our backyard, soooo much green!! isn't it idyllic?! :)

and.... something i don't usually get... a pic of my which i kind of like (even if i look huuge :/ ) :)


  1. Hey girl!

    Glad you're back and had a good time.

    Enjoy your week now.



  2. Just found your blog! I visited Switzerland a few years ago and had the time of my life--you are so lucky to live in such a beautiful country! And the chocolate is to die for. : )