Sunday, May 10

weekend 5/9-10

hey everyone...!
only a short update... i'm just don't feel like writing at the moment. but i've got lots of pics from this weekend!!

my week was quite good, i did good eating-wise and my mood was almost all the time positive! yay!!
weekend was even better. nice weather, good company, awesome food. sunday i had a tiny set back but given the efford i made the whole week, i try to convince myself that it was no big deal! so here are my pics:


breakfast (part 1): overnight oats, mashed banana, frozen berries, flax

breakfast (part 2): three biscuits with butter, energy bar and handful almonds

lunch: quinoa with peas and tomatoes along with cottage cheese and half an avocado

dinner 'on-the-go': greek yogurt with mango and almonds and a babybel cheese

snack #1: five ricecakes - three with butter, two with almond-butter

snack #2: small scoop bj's caramel chew chew with some heated raspberries

breakfast: same as saturday (even same pic) ;)

a.m. snack: (no pic) one toast with salmon and onions on it
(i was the whole day at my mom's - mothers day - so could not take a pic of everything! but we had a really great day!!)

lunch: chinakohl and carrot salad with one slice w/w bread topped with an egg

snack: my mothers day-gift :) i did some baking at my mom's - sexy low-fat vanilla cupcakes (from vctotw) with chocolate ganache a layer lemon cream and topped with strawberries - i just loooooove baking!!!

dinner: cottage cheese, two w/w crackers, greek yogurt with (left-over) strawberries and mango and a mini cupcake

after this i had a few more things but nothing major since it was all healthy things (dates, coconut and so on....)

i hope you all had a great weekend with lots of sun and fun!! :)

can't say when i'll be back blogging 'normal'... we'll see!
keep strong and good - i know you can!

love from
the swiss-girl

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