Thursday, November 26

Holiday Recap Part Two

Here we go... Sorry for the delay!!
I just have a lot of work and since I do all the blogging from work... You get it!

I decided to post all the food pics first and then the house and all the fall impressions!
Hope you enjoy it.... ;) I clearly did!!
I told my mother recently that I food-blog!
And she was way cute and even reminded me a few time to take pictures!!
She's just awesome!!

The pics are chronological from Saturday to Saturday! ;)

saturday after arriving I heated some leftovers I brough with me
[cheese, wine, bread and butter for my mom! ;)]

brussel sprouts and some pumpkin/squash dish along with an easy over egg

my breakfasts were always (almost) the same
banana-goji-oatmeal with apples (or pear or quince) some almond slivers (or pine nuts) and cranberries

delicious until the very last bite!!

my mom had some of my oatmeal everyday
alongside with one or two slices bread with jam or cheese
(and coffee for her!)

on sunday we went to a beautiful market
and look what I found!!!
the eggplant and sp are almost the size of my head!! and the mini carrot like my smalest finger!! :D

from here on I don't clearly remember when we had what but of course I remember what we had!! ;)
a deliciouse Whiting fish filet fresh from the market on sunday
with a carrot-leek-cream side and quinoa

here we have my moms favorite lentil dish
lentils cooked with carrots and some other vegetable I don't know how it is called in english
along with lots of quinoa and a sidesalad (greens with tomatoes and an easy balsamic sauce)

this is only HALF of the tatter!!! about 12oz!

I had them as fries with eggplant chips but have to say I didn't like them at all!!
but I think it was more the eggplant itself as it was quite bitterly

another pic of my daily breakfast
this time in the beautiful morning sunlight

chicken breast with a side of quinoa (the last time I think!)
garlic-zucchini (awesome by the way!!) and boiled tomato

since I didn't mind for the eggplant chips last time
I just cooked the other half with some zucchinis
to have with my deliciouse sp fries! and tons of ketchup of course!
[had to buy it first so hadn't had any the first time!! :(( ]

last but definitely not least
a super delicious small pork chop
with steamed carrots and leek and
my favorite way to eat potatoes
pan roasted - holy YUM!!

That's what we eat during the last week!
There wasn't a lot of snacking in between but sadly I had a little set back with the mini-binges
in the evening.... Only the last few days but I was really annoyed by myself!!
I was doing soooo good!!

So it took my by surprise to see that when I stepped on the scale on this Tuesday
I actually lost a little!! WOW! Came unexpected but I was clearly pleased!

Don't wanna get into that.... But I have to say I'm doing quite good at the moment!

Thank you for the nice comments
and for all the nice words on Facebook too!!

I'm really THANKFUL for all you guys!!
(Had to say something even though we don't have Thanksgiving here and I'm a little late!!)

As always.... Have a wonderful day and just make the best out of all the minutes and situations!!

Big Hug


  1. Hi! I just found your blog, and I am so glad to find someone else who's from Europe :)
    Your eats look amazing btw

  2. Yummm! I love all the vegetables you use!


  3. Oh, man, that sweet tater and that eggplant are HUUGE! And that carrot's soo cute and tiny!! Haha.

    Looks like our eats are pretty similar... (and yummy!!) I also have pretty mcuh the same brekkie everyday - Oatmeal - but if you like it, eat it! I just try to change mine up a little everyday.

    Haha I love that your mum reminded you to take pictures! I need someone to remind me sometimes!!

    Hope youre doing great, hun

  4. Looks like a great time and such great food!

    And that's awesome that you told your mom and she reminded you to take pics :)

  5. nicole!
    i just found your blog ;)
    the size of that sweet p. and the eggplant really made me smile. i love going to farmer markets to find all these oddly sized fruits and veggies.
    hope you are having a nice tuesday