Tuesday, November 24

'Working' in France

Here I am with my first (of two?!) part of the 'Holiday-Series' :D

I don't know if I mentioned that we not only have a house in France (two hours south of Paris)
but it stands on a huuuuuuge property (don't know if there is another word for it!)
so there is always lots to do!

First there are all the fruit (and nut) trees!
A few month ago my mom went there with a few friends to pick
the best Boscop Apples and awesome Pears.
But right now it's Quince-Time!

And we have a beautiful Quince-Tree

What you can see here is only what's left on the tree but the ground was covered with good and not so good fallen Quinces. So we sorted through them, cleaned the ground unterneath and picked or shook down the Quinces from the tree! It was really fun! I even had to climb up once to pick some that where hard to reach.

Look at one of our baskets full of beautiful Quince

with their funny furry skin! :D

And what else did we do than cook them (only a small part of our harvest)

jam, marmalade, compote

this actually is all we did (there are some apple and pear compotes too)
and we could have done much more! this is only one and a half day of work!!

And THIS is what we took home!!!! The whole car smelled like one huuuuuge Quince!
I love the smell but after driving seven hours it gets kind of annoying!!
But of course we survived!! :D

Next up: Leaves.
I had a lot of fun doing some yard work
[and had to think of Ang and Kath while doing it! ;) ]

Lots and lots of loose leaves to take care of!

Smile for the camera!! :)

And this is how it looked hours later.

The next day I only needed to pick them all up and bring them all the way to the back of the next pic where we have our compost (sp?).

As I said it was lots of work, but I enjoyed every second!
I think it's so much nicer to do things when you don't 'have to'!
I could start and stop whenever I wanted and how long I fancied!

Stay tuned for the next installment! :D
Don't know if it will be FOOD or FALL Impressions!
We will see..... :D

Have a wonderful day everyone!

Lots of LOVE!!


  1. Hello!
    So glad to hear you are doing alright! I am so envious that you are on vacation! I miss Europe SO SO much! I am hoping I can fly down next year to travel, and visit family. How are things with you? I hope that you are happy, healthy, and loving life right now! BEAUTIFUL Pictures!!!!!

  2. Oh wow. France...it looks gorgeous, you lucky girl:) Hope you're having a great time, sweetie!

    Quince trees <3