Monday, November 23

What an Welcome-Home Gift!!

Well hello everyone!!!

I'm back, as you can see!! ;)

Don't have much time to post unfortunately but I'm really excited that we have so much work here! We're getting out of our funk as it seems!! And soon we well be flooded with work and that's a good thing, after having almost nothing to do the past few month!! So yay for working long days!! I just love this office and enjoy every minute spend here!! ;D

But unfortunately this means fewer time to read all your lovely blogs (and I accumulated a lot of blogs over the past few month!!) and not as much to post about! But I'll manage!!

First things first.... As you can guess from the title I was greated with an awesome package yesterday as I returned and took a look into my mailbox!!

lots and lots of deliciouse bars - can't wait to try each and every one!!
chia seeds!!! YAYYY!!! and a Justin's Squezze pack
and of course the cutest card imaginable - a few tears were rolling down my cheek
but of course with the biggest smile on my face!

The most lovely, big-hearted and beautiful twins I know had send me some awesome stuff!!!
I really could not think about a better Welcome-Home gift!!!

Thank you soooooooooo much Eliza and Maya!!
I even tried the Luna WCM right away and have to say, even though I'm not a fan of white chocolate, I enjoyed every bite of the half I tried!! Can't wait to have the other half!!
I really have no words on how grateful I am to be recieving such lovely things!!
And I really hope that you will finally get my package soon!!! It's already three weeks!! That's just unacceptable!!

I have a JamFrakas Chocolate Chip Cosmocrips laying in front of me and I'll eat it as my pre-workout snack!

About my holidays - they where perfect!! Eating could have been better but who cares right?!
I'll do a few posts over the course of this week about last week - hope you'll enjoy them!!

Have a wonderful day everyone!
And again - THANK YOU so much my loves!!

Big hug -


  1. :D Nic!
    i am so so happy the package arrived safely to your door steps when you returned home from your trip! and i am so happy you like all the bars and other goodies we picked out for you my love, you deserve everything, you have helped me so much, and you are the kindest, most loving person...and i am so happy we have "met" on the blogs, and hopefully one day we can meet face to face! :)

    love you loads and loads!

  2. yayayay!! :D :D i am sooo happy u loved it! this post made my day, to hear how much happiness it brought to you, you deserve so so so much! u have helped me alot, and u are just soo amazing! enjoy my love! love you so much! as eliza said one day we shall meet face to face ;) ? yes! lol.

    cant wait for the package!


  3. awwww its beautiful, what a great thought out package, this post made me smile