Monday, November 9

All kind of eats and a Birthday...

Long time no read.... I apologize!!

It was an eventless week - hence the lack of posting!!
But I'm going to start with Sunday - My Birthday YAY!

It was good... Good enough! For me anyways as I don't like to much going on around me!!
I had a leisure morning with an amazing breakfast:

can you guess how old I'm now?! ;) [I hope KERF isn't too jealous ;)]

Had a date with my mom :D She invited me to see a ballet choreographed from our talented Spörrli - Raymonda
After we went home (to my mom's) and she cooked for me!
Of course I had to make my own "cake"! And I have to say they were awesome!!
I have to link to the recipes!! Sooooo good and healthy and low calorie!!! Awesome!!

the big ones are banana-coconut and the little ones chocolate-orange

I did only half of each recipe and changed the cake into mini-cupcakes and the bars into muffins.
they were divine!!

On thursday I enjoyed an amazing fall-walk home with all its beauty!

I just loooooove the fall colors!!!

On to the eats. I had lots of same-old same-old! But it's soo good I'm not getting tired of it!!
Though I'm going to leave the peppers and zucchini behind me, since it's a summer vegetable!
And add a few winter vegetables to my lunches...

Various breakfasts - each day almost the same:

Oh what I forgott to mention, last sunday we sent to a fall market (I think I wrote about it in my last post)
and I found Maca powder!!! Couln't believe my eyes!! And purchased Maca Capsules which I'm taking now each day with my breakfast! Don't feel a difference but if I do, I'll tell you instantly! ;)

Lunch at work is always veggies with (or without) avocado, cottage cheese and seeds.

Snacks before Yoga or Ballet/Jazz:

And dinner usually contained some Soup:

love love love love homemade pumpkin soup!! made a new batch on saturday and can't wait until tonight to have some!!


breakfast was heavenly

lunch was the same as above but in a tupper and eaten at my moms.
had this as dinner after spending hours in the kitchen baking and cooking!!! :D love days like this!

I had another Therapy session today! Went well.... Lots to talk about, lots to learn and relearn!
I'm still very glad I choose this T and I'm looking forward to the hours spend with her! Even though I know there will be tears and lots of struggling! But I know that is was I need and it will be worth it!!

Now.... I want to thank here all the beautiful ladies who congratulated me on facebook!!! Thank you so much!! You really mean the world to me!! And even if I repeat myself a lot, but I know I wouldn't be where I am now withough all of you!! All your blogs and comments inspire and strengthen me so much!!!
I'm endlessly thankful for all of this!!

Have a wonderful day!! And make every minute worth it!!

PS: If there is anything you would like to know about me, just ask away! I'm happy to answer!


  1. Hi! I just randomly found your blog and wanted to wish you a happy birthday! Yay for november birthdays..mine is in a few days :)

    cute blog btw!

  2. Happy birthday lovie! :)
    your eats look so so delicious, and i love the photos the all love so gorgeous and delicious, and the photos of autumn are amazing, you are quite the photograph my dear :)
    and loved when you wrote "I know that is was I need and it will be worth it!!" ES so true it will be worth it!
    love you to bits beautiful girl

  3. happy birthday !!! :) love all ur eats look so yumm! all the fall photos are so lovely!

    so glad u like your new T !! that's great :)

    love you!

    p.s a very special package is on its way! :)

  4. Happy belated Birthday!!! your breakfasts always make me hungry :)

  5. Wow Nic! What a beautiful walk you had! The world around us is so wonderful... oh, how I love fall and all its colors.

    Saturday breakfast indeed looks heavenly.

    You are such a positive person, love.


  6. happy belated birthday, lovely lady!!

    I'm so glad you left a comment on my blog bc now I have access to yours :)

    Your pictures and words are so beautiful and I look forward to reading your next post.

    Glad you had an enjoyable weekend!
    with tons of love,