Sunday, November 1

Dancing Around and Feeling High....

Goooooood Morning everyone!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!?!?!
Mine was filled with sweet nothingness!! ;) I chilled at my moms, had a calm evening and on Sunday we went to a beautifull Fall-Marked and walked around for about four hours (of course there was a lot of standing in between!)! It was a little overwhelming with all the people but it had so much things to look at!
Nonetheless I was happy to be home again and enjoy the evening cooking and watching tv shows!

Here you have all the goodies!! Starting with my re-introduced Soup-Friday - which means only liquids preferable soups on every Friday. YAY!!
Oh and I finally found the ankle boots I was looking for the last few month!! Can't believe I found them!! And found another pair of boots that are very similar to the ones I already have but are on their last legs!!
Successfull Friday I might call this!

breakfast: maple & brown sugar Quaker Oatmeal with Milk and lots of cinnamon

lunch: veggies and potato/leek instant soup

afternoon snack: hot chocolate in my favorite office mug!

dinner: instant dhal soup (normally my Soup-Friday doesn't consist in so much instant soup! sorry!!

Saturday started really early; Woke up at 7am - started doing laundry, had a delicious breakfast (as always on weekends - I totally look forward to this breakfast all week!!) - while waiting on the dryer I went shopping for two packages I sent out afterwards ;) :D - as I told you ladies earlier It may take up to 14 days to arrive, sorry about that!!
Returned home to emty the dryer and fold my laundry, only to head out the door to go get my Snowboard with the new Binding! I'm so psyched and can't wait to go snowboarding soon!! Mountains I'm coming!!
Went to my moms and chilled there withouth our regular Saturday-Walk because my mom didn't feel to well. No problem with me because I planned to practice with my point shoes in the evening so I was glad to give my foots a little rest! I aimed high in the evning - not really! ;) I practiced for about 15 minutes and my feet where dead!!
I'm so excited about dancing on pointe but also a little worried I might not be strong enough now!!
We will see.... I relaxed the rest of the evening and went to bed really early!

breakfast: overnight oats (1/3 oats, 2/3 water soaked over night) with a cooked in banana and lots of cinnamon,
our own apple compote, cran- and goji berries and pine nuts

lunch at moms: salt potatoes and sauerkraut (times two)
with small slices of pork belly and other pork

dinner at home again: some creamed spinache and an onion tartlett
had a few (unpictured) handfulls mixed nuts and
for dessert more of the apple compote with cinnamon and almond butter

Sunday was a late start - slept in until 9am which is really rare for me. Had breakfast and went to my moms so we could get going for the Fall Market in another City. Like I said it was beautiful - had lots of different things and of course lots of Food Stands! I wasn't hungry at all and was a little annoyed with all of them - but the other ones got hungry around 3pm and we went and sat down in a cute little market 'restaurant'! I had a few spoonfull of my moms soup but that was all for me! I was glad to be home again and get going in the kitchen for my pumpkin soup! I was looking forward to this soup all week because the butternut is staring at me since last weekend!! ;D
Not to toot my own horn but this soup was excellent!!! I included some pumpkin I bought last weekend at a Farm stand and the flavor of it was really nutty and just perfect combined with the butternut, onions, garlic and curry! Holy YUM!! I'm sooooo eager to eat this soup for dinner every day this week!! :D :D

a repeat of the breakfast from Saturday (this might easily be repeatet next weekend as well!)

my awesome soup - times two
and in the back the roasted pumpkin/squash I prepared for my lunches for this upcoming week!

for dessert I had a cup apple compote with lots of cinnamon and a tbsp almond butter again (like Saturday night!)

And this is about it! Like I said I hope you had a great weekend and oh I almost forgott:
How was your Halloween?! Tell me all about it!!!
Can't wait to read all your stories!!

Last but definitely not least I wanted to clear something up:
After reading kasondras comment on my last post, I need to add here that I am nowhere near malnourished!
Don't get me wrong, I know I have an ED but I'm not underweight!! In fact I'm at a BMI of 24 right now!! A lot of my weight is muscul but nonetheless I'm clearly a little "too much" at the moment!!
I appreciate every word she wrote and will deffinitely take a lot of it into consideration!

Thanks for all of your thought and comments on my posts!!
I would not be this stong withough all of you!

Have a wonderful week and take one day at a time!



  1. sounds like you had a good weekend :)

  2. I love weekends for the same exact reason - so I can make amazing magical big breakfasts! Sounds like you had a lovely weekend at your mums with lots of yummy eats!

    I`m really happy to hear youre at a healthy weight. From the picture`s you`ve put up in your other posts - you look fantastic!

    Take care hun

  3. hey nic, thanks for the get well wishes :)
    your weekend sounded fantastic, plus filled with all those delicious eats! mmm they looked good, im jealous haha.
    im sure ifyou're teacher has permitted you to start en pointe, then you're strong enough! just do lots of releves because that will help (for obvious reasons haha) one tip for pointe work--work your inner edge, as my teacher always called it, or your 3/4 pointe... it helps so much. if you get that down, you can do anything ;)

  4. Lovely weekend! Your saturday's overnight oats look to die for, Nic. You really know how to take advantage of the weekend's free time!

    Have a great week, lovie