Tuesday, December 1

France Recap Part Three

Hey all of you beautiful, caring and just awesome readers!!!

First I NEED and want to say thank you to all the commenters!!
Trust me, if I say that you keep me sane on most days, that's no exaggeration!!

To be quite honest, I'm feeling really down lately....!
Don't know exactely why... Just blah! Of course I have some ideas what could cause this but... I don't want to get into it! I need to just concentrate on the future, on positive stuff, on people who care and it will all be ok!
Although I think this might be a big part of it.
Me always kind of pretending that I'm OK, that everything is fine and nothing is bothering me!
My T kindly referred to me as some kind of 'Dr. Jackel and Ms. Hide'... Not so wrong if you ask me!
But... As I said, don't want to get into it here!
You all have enough to deal with and I am so proud of all of you about how you do it!!

On to the good stuff!! :D

But as the title says here I have FINALLY the last but definitely no least part of my recap!
The house and everything around it!!
Even though I'm not a big fan of France - the people, the language, I fell totally in love with the house and especially the silence of the place.
I would love to spend time with each and every one of you there!!! You all are very welcome ther, in case you're in 'the neighborhood' sometime! Just so you know!

I'm not going to write much... Just let the pics speak for themselves!

this is the same one as above... just one day later!

Again.... Thank you VERY VERY MUCH for each word you write to me!!
It remindes me to stay strong and just go on!!

And (even if they'll never read this) I want to thank my two amazing bosses
who would just do almost anything for me
(and of course I have always the feeling to not be as grateful as I should be!)
and two 'kind-of' co-workers (or I'd like to say they're FRIENDS!)
BEAT (my 'secret love'...) and ELLI
they just keep me sane around here...
Always try to lift my spirits when they feel like something's wrong,
without forcing me to speak about it!

Have a wonderful day everyone and as I always say
and will try myself today


  1. what a beautiful trip! i am so jealous not to be in europe right now. my brother lives in geneva, so not too far from you ;)
    hope you are having a wonderful day

  2. wow, everything is just beautiful! I'm so glad you had a good trip :)

  3. oh wow that house is simply divine! and im especially jealous of the fig tree!!!

    hope your feeling better soon my dear. enjoy your day :)

    xo hannah

  4. Oh Nic, I wish you nothing but inner strength and peace- happiness, confidence, and health. You need to love yourself so much more than you do. As always, your pictures are stunning! I am so sorry you are struggling- but you will pull through! A day at a time...
    I wish there was something I could do, or say to make you feel better!! You are definitely in my thoughts, and I hope to meet you some day in the future! You can always write me if you feel like you have no one to talk to!!!

  5. BEE-YOO-TIFUL pictures!!! Lovely scenery...and a fantastic photographer:)

    Hope you cheer up, sweetie<3

  6. such beautiful pictures, i love the caterpillar its so cute and the mushroom you are a star photographer

  7. I just found your blog and I'm really glad I did! This is the first Swiss blog I've seen so far :-) I grew up in Zurich, but I'm studying in Canada right now. All of your food pictures make me miss Zurich! There just isnt an equivalent to Migros and Coop in Canada