Sunday, December 6

Bar "kind of" Review Post :)

Hey sweetpies!!!

Thank you sooooooo much for all the comments on my last post!!
I know I always say this, but I'm so grateful!! Can't even describe it!!

I had a really difficult week.
With feelings all over the place!!
My T told me to start a FoodDiary where I have to write down
- my feelings - my bodyfeeling - my thoughts
everytime BEFORE and AFTER a meal!!

Wow.... Would never have thought that this would be sooo hard!!
I'm used to put my feelings aside or just not feel at all!
So as I said, it was really difficult and rather disturbing!

But I did it! And I will continue to do it, because it is so important for me
to (re)connect with my feelings!!
Not just pretend (and hope) that everything is fine!
It obvious isn't!

So bare with me, if in the near future my post are a little whacky!

But I have to say that even though I felt like sh*t sometimes,
I haven't felt this much like ME in a long time!!
No more hiding my feeling
(so much people came to me and asked if everything is ok)
and not being afraid to say "NO I'm not fine"!

Uff.... What a week.
I have a new appointment with my T in about two hours.
Curious what she will say, what this session will reveal!

Alright... On to a happy topic!!
As I posted a few weeks back, I recieved an AWESOME package
from the lovely E and M!
Lots and lots of Bars I (obviously) never had or tried
so I was eager to dive into them!! :D

First up was the JamFrakas Chocolate Chip Cosmocrisp
Holy YUM!!! WOW!!! I was sooooooooo pleasently surprised with this!!
It is so chocolaty and dense and...... I'm speechless!!
I wish I could eat this everyday for breakfast AND lunch AND dinner!! :D

Next a LUNA White Chocolate Macadamia
I did not expect lots of it since I don't really like White Chocolate BUT I liked it!!!
Definitely not my favorite but I love Macadamias and it totally had lots of Macadamias in it!!

Another WOW!!! I didn't recall liking pistachios THAT MUCH!!!
I was mmhh-ing the whole time eating this!!
(I even saved half of the bar for a little later, to savour every bit!)
I even bought unsalted peanuts right the next day!! :D

CLIF nectar cacao dark chocolate walnut
Do I really need to say that I love chocolate?! And walnuts!?
So.... Needless to tell you that I enjoyed this one too!!
Every bite...
(I really tend to take very itty little bites when I like something really much!)
...wish it would not have ended...!

Last (until now) but most definitely NOT least
CLIF Spiced Pumpkin Pie
This one was another one I did not know what to expect.
After trying Pumpkin-Oats and not really liking it too much I hesitated a little.
With NO REASON at all!!
It was a little too big for me to eat in one sitting (befor a workout) so I split it!
And I'm glad I did... Because even though I TRULY like it! The flavours were a little much for me!
So I think by splitting it I had the chance to really enjoy it without getting sick of it!!

Once again THANK YOU TWO SO MUCH for all the bars!!
I have plenty Bars left to try (and can't wait!)
but I try to only have one a day and only as a pre-workout!
This way they may last a little longer...! ;D

I hope you all had a great week (already read all about it on your incredible blogs)
and a wonderful weekend (will read about this in a bit)
and wish you a fabulous new week!!

Make every day a good one
do everything the best you can!!

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  1. I think it's wonderful that you're working with your therapist on expressing your feelings with food. I've found that it helps me stay grounded and present in a potentially anxious/stressful situation.

    You are on such a beautiful path, keep your head high!

    bec xo

  2. i love the positivity in this post! sounds like your therapist has some good ideas for you to work through - hope they help!

    and woop for all those bars! iv made my own pistachio larabar before and it was delish! ive never tried the real pistachio one to compare it to, but it was amazing anyway even if i say so myself!

    enjoy your day!

    xo hannah

  3. hey lovie :)
    love all those bars and i am so so happy you are enjoying them!!! :D the pistachio lara had that today, love that one too so yummi!!! ;)

    i am so proud of you Nic, but so sorry you are having a rough time :/...i have had to write down those same things about my feelings before and after i eat etc, its a great way to see how you feel after certain meals, i tried to look at each meal with a positive out look, the more positive i was about my food, the more i ingrained it into my head that it was okay, and i was safe etc...i love you SO much, and i am ALWAYS here for you babe.
    and i am enjoying alll the yummi goodies from you ;) those chocolate are sooo good, and the eat naturals YUM :) that soda, ahh loved that, wish they sold it here, maybe i'll have to just comet to switzerland and meet you hehe ;)

    love you loads and good luck at your T!

  4. I Love pistachios so much, they are too good they used to be the only nut i ate, but now i am a nut freak

  5. I hope today is a good day!!! I mailed your package yesterday at lunch :)

  6. hey hun! mmmmmm all those bars look A-MAZEEEE-ING! ive been wanting to try that very lunabar and that same clif bar :D

    that journal idea sounds really good! sounds like a really good way to get your thoughts out and about and hopefully it helps!

    have a great one, doll!

  7. The Nectar Cacao bar tastes like a fudge cookie, I love it so much! Eliza and Maya are so sweet for sending you all those yummy bars.

    You sound so positive, Nicole. I'm really sorry you struggled this week, I hope things get better for you. Writing down your feelings can be really overwhelming at first since you get so in touch with yourself but it does get better, I promise!
    Hang in there, beautiful