Tuesday, August 4

(Power) Yoga Week

Well hello to all the fellow blogettes :)
Time to update (once more without pics, because they are all at home still hiding inside my cam)!

Hadn't had such an awesome week... Just a lot of snacking and mindless eating that leaded to not feeling so good about myself... But whatever!! New week, got to leave that behind me!!

News include:
  • Finally found OKRA!!!! My local Asia Store sells okra!!! (Shout out to Gliding Calm!!) And I'm sooo in love with it!! Top 5 fav vegetables for sure!!
  • And last week I made (more than) one of Gliding Calm's snack plates!! (pics are coming!)
  • Did not do ONE thing last week on the workout-side!! Just enjoyed the week off (between the Jazz- and Power Yoga-Workshop weeks) and before my normal dance/fitness schedule starts again next week!! But I'm soooo looking forward to Ballet and Jazz and Yoga each week (some multiple times YAY!!
  • Aside from eating pretty much too much each day, I had some yummie eats!!
  • Yesterday I had my first 'Oats in the Jar' and WOW!! How awesome!! (Damn me for not taking a pic!)
I hope that I will return to taking more pictures from my food!! I know I'm totally lacking in that area!! But I can't promise anything since I really don't want the ppl at work (though they are awesome but probably would not understand it!) knowing that I have a blog and since I'm eating two of my meals at work it's a little dificult to photograph them! But I'll try to take pics from my breakfast and lunch once and therefore can use those pics multiple times because I have (almost) the same breakfast/lunch everyday!! ;)

Alright... I will stop here. But not before I tell you how weird my first PowerYoga lesson yesterday was! Not bad weird, just out-of-the-ordinary weird!
First of all the teacher always talked to us (7 students) as if there were just one person. Kind of unusual for me but cute! And of course the positions!! Courtney came to my mind more than once! ;) I like it but I think I will like the "normal" Yoga more... Because this is a little hurried, or at least that's what it felt like. More strength than meditation but it's alright for this week when I don't have anything else. But I'm really looking forward to my soon-to-be weekly Yoga.

Oh and to leave this once more with a positive note! As I already wrote in a comment on Tori's awesome blog I encountered kind of a little breakthrough this morning! When I saw myself semi-naked on the bathroom mirror I though "Wow, look how far you've come! This is what you can accomplish with NOT starving yourself and not hurrying to loose the pounds!! You look toned and healthy!! And the last few pounds will drop slowly but surely too!!"
I'm really proud of myself... Even though I had a sh*tty last week and did definitely eat too much more than once, I still think my body looks good and I'm content with what I accomplished and I'm not beating myself up for not doing so great a few days!!
Hopefully this positive stride will continue!! I work hard on it!!

Alright!! Have a great day/afternoon/evening/night whatever!! Just enjoy yourself and keep in mind (to include some Operation Beautiful in here) You All Are Awesome!! Just The Way You Are!!

Plenty of hugs for you all!!
Oh and THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for the nice and kind comments!! You really made my day!! I hope to get a few more readers slowly but steady! Or am I so lame?! ;)

--- pics will be up in a few hours!

look at those two beautiful plates!! colorful and flavorful! just awesome!
close-up of the raw plate

and not to forget the delicious sweet potatoe fries mmmh!

a few weeks ago i did a curry dish and topped it with some tuna! yummie!

and last but not least here is the almond butter a talked a few posts ago!
close-up of the yummieness! :)


  1. omg those food pictures are absolutely delicious looking! Everything you have been eating is so colorful and healthy and tasty! Yumm!

    But onto bigger things, I am SOOOO proud of you for coming to such a positive place with your body. You DO have a beautiful body and one that deserves to be loved and reminded of its beauty. Dont ever allow yourself to be mean to you because you wouldnt want someone else to be mean to you. It's kind of the same thing. Just keep affirming all the great qualities about yourself and you will keep on seeing them more clearly. Overall, I think you have been making such great progress and Im just so happy for you!

  2. OKRA IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  3. okra is pretty much amazing :D glad you finally got to try some!
    so those last couple of pictures are total food porn - ahmazing!

  4. I love this post! It's so positive, I'm glad you're in such a great mood! And it's a huge breakthrough that you're content with your body right now. Keep treating it as well as you have been lately!

    Mmmmmmmm sweet potato fries. Good choice! Enjoy your day (evening?).