Sunday, July 26

Dance Week

Hello to you all!!

I know, I know, I'm a really bad blogger lately!! I don't even know why I lack the enthusiasm to post anything! It's not that my life is so boring, or that I'm so happy I forget to write.
I think it's just the fact that writing in english is exhausting some times!! Although I think most of the time in english (no wonder with all the english reading I do throughout the day (all your lovely blogs!!) and watching all the series in english (just wached the hole 5 seasons of Grey's again!)) But nonetheless I always have the impression that I'm not good enough!!! DAMN those thoughts!!!

Whatever.... On to a much happier topic!!
Last week was a blast!!! I participated for the first time in a hole-week workshop (1.5h each day)! With a teacher I did not know (saw here a few times before though), and a dance-style I never danced before!! AND it was flat out AMAZING!!!! I am so IN LOVE with modern-jazz and Anja (the teacher)!!! I can't even describe it!! It was just so... so... freeing... so... 'just-don't-think-anything'.. and I enjoyed every minute and am really sad that it's over. :(

Feeling soooooo good about my body (even though I still have a long way ahead of me) about ME and just about everything right now and I'm totally enjoying this feeling!!
Had a few bad moments of course but the good ones overweighted.

S0rry... No pics... Did not photograf one thing all week... Had no intentions to do it, but my eats where amazing!! Still using dailyplate to check on my calories (neede that one badly last week to have enough energy/carbs) but I'm okay with it. And did NOT BINGE in over a week!!! YAY!! I'm really proud of myself!! Even if this sounds cheesy!!

So... I'm gonna stop here before something negative comes to my mind ;)
Let's see if I can find a pic on my computer, so this isn't text only.... *searching*

YAY found one... I don't think I ever showed you a photo of the horse I had?!

Here he is (we are):

This is the first and only competition I ever did! And that was only because HE LOVED it!! :)

PS: Phew... My safari just endet itself! Thank god blogger saves the posts every few seconds!! I think I would have cried if not!! What a baby I am!!


  1. oh what a wonderful post filled with so many GREAT things! First of all, you are amazing at writing in should be SO proud of yourself! And that is simply wonderful about all the huge accomplishments you made this week and for loving your body and for feeing great and enjoying the dance! Sooooo great

  2. Oh, what a happy happy post! I'm smiling too! I sincerely hope those good feelings last forever!

  3. Haha english classes make me laugh :) Its like, ugh, seriously, another paper? I write super long blog postings - in english -every single day. i should be a pro at this by now!

    So glad to hear you're feeling great about your body! that is excellent and exactly what i like to hear! keep the positive thoughts comin! :)

  4. Aw, what a wonderful post - you sound so happy! That's great.
    Thanks so much for the comment you left me - you're a dear. I did a post on my first tattoo. I've been lazy and haven't done one on my chest piece yet haha. Must ge around to that at some point. Thank you though.
    have a grat Friday!

  5. wow..your horse is beautiful!! lovely shot :)