Monday, July 6

Short Update

Hey everyone!
I'm a bad blogger at the moment!! And I'm really sorry about it!
But I'm not doing so great and I don't want to drag you all down, as I see that a lot are doing not sooooo awesome at the time. So why contribute to that...

It's nothing major FYI. I'm just really annoyed at myself for not loosing any weight and try at the same time to just stop obsessing over food and weight. But that's just not an easy task and of course is draining me of all my energy.

I try to not let this interact with my life too much, not letting this show to others because I don't want others to know how much i struggle.
But be social and not revealing my true feelings is just hard!!

Thank god I found some really comfy and cute clothes last week in which I feel pretty ok. But knowing I do not loos this damn weight as easily as I'd like is always making my appearance in a mirror totaly wrong! Damn those feelings!!
But I am sure I'm on the right track and will continue on it! Sadly I'm back at calorie counting but what's different to the last times is that I just track the foods I eat AFTER I did and do not plan AHEAD with it. Just so I see what I do wrong (calorie/eating-wise) and where I can improve. And I don't do it on weekends (or at least try not to ;) ).

So now you know what's going on with me and so you don't just have to read my boring words, I will upload a few nice pics this evening from home, because I made some Almond- and Peanut Butter this weekend. YUMMIE!

Oh and to end this on a happier note. I spent some great hours with friends and family over the past few weeks and I enjoy being more social and enjoy spending time with others.

So... Have a nice day/night/whathever.

Love you all and thanks for all the nice words!! This really keeps me going!


Here are the fotos I promised:

First the AlmondButter I made on Saturday:
Yummie! :)

I did not do those this weekend, but I found them on my camera, aren't they cute?! ;)

And last but definitely not least: My own zucchini from my "balcony-garden"! :D


  1. you'll get through this tough time. Just focus on being HEALTHY! That is the most important thing. Everything else will fall into place just put the attention on health and all will be alright.

  2. your food all looks really good!
    i know overcoming calorie counting is hard..shoot..i still do it everyday but wish that i didnt..but one day you'll be able to look in the mirror and say "im okay with how i look"...wont that be such an epiphany??
    oh btw i saw through another blog (i know im a stalker ;) haha) that you're going to london in october?? i'm there now and it has AMAZING vegan and healthy eating places..if you want any recommendations id be glad to let you know!! :) hope your day goes well!

  3. I`m sorry you are struggling at the moment. I just came across your blog as you commented on a friend`s blog.

    I read a really great book called : it`s not about food. I found it really helpful. Although I`m struggling at the moment, I think the most important part of my recovery is knowing that i`m valuable regardless of my weight. I find peace in reminding myself of that.

    I hope you have a nice day today.