Thursday, June 18

CAE exam and nice evening

Well hello there...!!

I'm in a rather chippery mood today and very happy about it!!
Mainly because I have my exams behind me and now it's just waiting. I don't think I wont pass but you never know. So... Until the 31th of july I will try to forget about the exam and focusing on things I CAN do (since I can't change how I did on the exam).

But I really enjoyed the socializing afterwards which took me as a little surprise. We (almost all of our english class and two I did not know) went strait to a restaurant after we finished our exams and enjoyed the beautiful afternoon and evening in the warm weather.

Here is where we were:

But thank god it wasn't that crowded yesterday but this might have something to do with the time, we arrived there around 4.30pm and stayed until well past 9pm. Did I already mention that we had a really good time?! ;)
I ate a little almond-bar on our way to the restaurant and I'm really glad I did because that was the last thing I ate yesterday and it worked well with all the alcohol (three wodka/oj) as well as a good base so I did not felt unconfortable drunk, just a little tipsy.
I really had a blast!! Don't know what to write... It was just great!! And everytime I do someting like that (join in for drinks and such things with a bunch of people) and it ends awesome, I ask myself why I even doubt it... Whatever... I will definitely try and do things like this more often.

Maybe I even end up with a new friend. But I don't have his number... If I'm lucky he will write me (no big deal for him since his friend has my number - long story) and maybe we will meet up... But if not... That's okay too.

Yeah... That's it. I think I'm finally on the right path.. Not only mood wise (this sounds really weird) but also with eating and exercise.
I will keep you postet (even though I have no idea if anyone is even reading anymore, but even if not I enjoy writing so much lately.. I will try to keep up with blogging) and once again, sorry if sometimes I don't make sende or something like that... But I really try my best with this awesome language and really am in love with it...!

There you go... Have a nice day/night wherever you are!!

Love and hugs
the SwissGirl


  1. Hey!

    Just discovered your blog and I really enjoy browsing through your posts. Don't worry about the English, you write very well. Don't worry about other things either, most of them are just not worth it!


  2. hi! Thank you sooo much for your comment on my last post! I love getting new readers and you made me feel quite special :) I am so happy to hear that you are feeling like you are on the right path! When you find happiness in life, everything else just falls into place.

  3. So glad to hear that you are on the right path!!! :-)
    What a beautiful place to hang out!