Tuesday, August 18

Kind of happy.... Again!! :)

Hey you all!!
THANK YOU so much for all the comments!!! You have no idea how much better I felt after reading them!!! Thank you!!!

As you see from the title, after the bad low I'm better! YAY!!
Had a good-ish weekend. Had fun and felt good about my decisions I made (food, exercise and every thing).
On sunday I finally got back into the saddle! ;) I had a horseback-riding "date" with my two nieces and a good friend! And it felt soooo good!!!
Since I selled my horse (1.5 years ago) I only went riding once and now twice!! I just never felt the urge to do it. But now I think it's coming back! And I'm really happy about it!!

Here a crappy pic from my cell:

Sorry for the bad quality and the not so enjoyable angle!!

Yesterday started my new ballet class with my favorite teacher!!
It was soooooo great!! Did I ever tell you that I could dance all day long?! Every day of the week? If I could take a class with Heidi every day, I totally would!!
And when I finally lost my gained weight I will be able to enjoy the classes soooo much more!!
But I'm on the right way... I'm loosing slowly but surely!! And that's so much better than last time!

Oh and today I'm taking a new Yoga class! I'm very excited and looking forward to it!
Will post about it next time!!
Again... No more pix, sorry!! I totally have to start taking my camera with me!! I usually have pretty eats, so taking pictures will have to start again!!

Have a nice day/evening/night everyone!!! And again!! Thanks for taking up with me!! And reading all my nonsence ;) (I know it's not... But...)

Bye... <3

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  1. This post was full of simply wonderful and happy things! :) Im so happy that everything has been going so well for you and that you have a good attitude about your life and how you need to deal with each day. You ARE on the right way to gaining your life back healthily and happily.